Arterial Knee Embolization

Knee Arthritis Treatment Now Includes Arterial Embolization, a Cutting-Edge Alternative

A new treatment for knee arthritis pain, selective arterial embolization, is now available at Westchester Medical Center, flagship of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth). To make an appointment or for more information, please call 914.789.2700 or click the Make an Appointment button.

Patients receiving artery embolization can gain pain relief almost immediately that often can last for years. This procedure helps restore quality of life, improve function and avoid knee-replacement surgery.

Arterial embolization is best for those who have tried other treatments such as medications, physical therapy, a compression sleeve and weight loss. While it is a relatively low-risk procedure, it should not be the first treatment for arthritic knee pain. Knee X-rays should show mild to moderate osteoarthritis. This procedure, however, is not likely to remedy “bone on bone” (severe) arthritis.

How the Procedure Works

A radiologist injects dye to make blood vessels visible. Once the radiologist sees where too many blood vessels have formed, medication in the form of microscopic spheres are injected to block the tiny abnormal arteries that feed the synovium, the knee joint’s soft-tissue lining. An inflamed synovium, or bone, can cause pain when inflamed. The synovium normally produces fluid to lubricate the knee joint.

Those additional abnormal arteries can increase blood flow around the knee. That excess blood flow causes inflammation and brings more blood to the painful part of the knee, often spurring more nerve growth. If the synovium receives more blood, it can grow. As the synovium grows, it becomes more irritated and causes more severe knee pain. Arterial embolization remedies blood-flow issues and pain.

Compassionate Medical Teams

A board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Howard Luks, MD, specializes in this treatment and other therapies for the knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle. His personable and patient-centric approach is based on excellent communication with patients. He believes that the more a patient understands about his/her issue, the more informed decisions will be and improved quality of life will result.

Every element of every patient’s care – from state-of-the-art diagnosis to treatment to aftercare -- is maximized through collaboration among highly skilled physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Patients and their families benefit from uniquely tailored treatment plans, and plain-talk explanations, to maximize well-being.

Rest assured knowing you or your loved one will receive outstanding, customized knee care. Thank you for placing your trust in Westchester Medical Center.

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